Sr West Coast Tour

There will be a tour for grade 10-12 music students down the West Coast to California. This is a ten day trip and will occur around Easter Weekend in April 2015.

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Extracurricular Startup

Jazz Bands and Choir will all be started up the week of September 28th. In addition to these normal bands, there may also be a Brass Quintet, a Jazz Combo, and a Jazz Choir for those interested.


Jr High Country Tour

There will be a tour for music students in grades 8-9. This will occur in May 2015 and includes performing at an elementary school and a seniors facility as well as being able to enjoy the Hills Ranch.

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September Music News 2014

Coming Spring 2015

Medieval Fair with Grade 8 Band – February; Envision Jazz with Jazz Bands – February; Music in the Movies – March; Spring Coffee House – end of February; Music in the Movies – April; Sr. WestCoast Music Tour – Easter weekend for 10 days; Jr. Music Tour to the High Country - May

Outside of School Classes

Jazz Bands & Choir Begin All Jazz Band and Choir classes that run before and after school begin this next week starting Monday September 29 with choir after school at 3 pm and then Tuesday September 30 with Sr. Jazz Band at 7:00 am and Jr. Jazz Band at 3 pm. The music schedule is available to download at and will be handed out in music classes as well.

Will There Be a Musical This Year?

Nope. We are back to our ‘every second year’ musical rotation. Your long awaited DVD sets will be available soon. I will email the WOZ cast & crew when it is available for pick up.

Sr. WestCoast Music: April 3-12

The grade 10-12 music students have an opportunity to take part in or amazing WestCoast Tour offered once every three years. The cost of the tour will be approximately $1200 for a 10 day bus tour down the West Coast The trip will cost $1200 which will include everything from hotel, bus, attractions, festival fees, all breakfasts and most dinners. We will be missing 4 days of school as we are incorporating the Easter Weekend. The tour will be chaperoned by Mr. Thompson, Ms. Kristi Robertson (TWU student teacher) and several parent chaperones. We will be taking a coach bus but may need a parent van or SUV to accompany us for emergencies and possible bus overflow More news soon…

Jr. Music in the High Country Tour: May 2015

Our tour to “The Hills” Ranch and Kamloops with the Jr. Concert Band, Intermediate Concert Band, Junior-Intermediate Jazz Band and Jr. Choir will be in early May this year. Students will perform at an elementary school and senior facility, attend a musical workshop, enjoy The Hills Ranch and travel together. The cost per student is $250 which includes transportation, accommodations, 5 out of 7 meals, and activities (swimming, horseback riding).

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